Video Age-ism


First Supper Symposium and models 3 places in Oslo 30. april 2022. 

Photo: Lundby Film


Production of banner for Russebuss

by Christopher Nielsen and Ridder, time laps

Photo: Lundby film


Catwalk 30. May 2021

by Katharina Barbosa Blad and FSS, 5 min 36 sec

Photo: Morten Minoti Kristiansen



Performance day 13. June 2022, 2 min 22 sec


Ali Djabbary, performance with sculpture and participations from the publi

Eivind Reiersrud og Aurora Sandlilje, consert in a tent

Christian Blandhoel og Lillen Rojhan Dahl, performance and painting

Morten Maniac Narverud / Mr Orkester Sebastian Uul, consert and performance

Sandra Irina Hillestad, installation 

Tindran Maire, performance

Oscar Lazaro Regueiferos Videau, cuban song

Kjetil Skøien, performance

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